Teen Charlie Rose cleaning the house wearing only a silk gown

Video from: Wank It Now

Cleaning the house is already one of the hardest tasks to concentrate on because when you are cleaning, everything you see becomes more interesting to you. Having your ravishing girlfriend Charlie Rose cleaning the house wearing nothing but a silk gown that shows off her body and her big boobs makes it extra hard for you. I meant that for your chores and also your dick. Your guests are going to show up anytime now and the house is not clean yet and you still are not helping because you stare at her boobs the whole time.

You can’t help your self, as she cleans and leans over her boobs fall out of her gown revealing her hard nipples. Seeing you are not going to help her with the current situation, she decides to make a deal with you. You can stop cleaning (not that you were actually doing any) to whip your massive dick out to satisfy your primal needs. She will help you with that by playing skillfully with her round tits and flashing her wet pussy for you to empty your big balls and finally clean the house before the guests arrive.

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